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Finally, humanity can know what the ethic of justice must be.

[The author is not a professional philosopher, but his Master’s Thesis (Atlanta University, 1988: Atlanta, Georgia U.S.A.) included an extensive “Review of the Literature” of the academic philosophers’ debate about ‘distributive justice’ that was inspired by John Rawls’ book, A Theory of Justice (published in 1971). He has had several essays and articles published in […]

CAPITALISM for the 21st CENTURY–and Beyond

capitalism with stability, no involuntary unemployment or poverty, and no taxes

How can we keep the good in capitalism (freedom, innovation, material sufficiency) while eliminating instability, and involuntary unemployment and poverty (but with no ‘managing’ the economy and no redistributing anything), as well as taxation of all kinds? With a new and different monetary system, that’s how. Neither politicians nor bankers–nor anyone else–would control the money supply. As a system, capitalism would become as completely self-regulating as it is supposed to be in theory. (All previous monetary systems have gotten in the way of that.) While instituting this proposal would make the economy more just, it can be considered on purely pragmatic, economic grounds. Anyone who is interested in an even more just economic system can go to the web site

The Case for Keynesianism

Using tax policies to make capitalism work the best it can (given its current structure).